Technical Experiences

  • Project Management: I have successfully managed multiple projects with various number of employees/developers. I tend to use Agile project management in general.
  • Software Design: Software design is one of the most interesting activities in software projects as it enables us to be creative and solve problems efficiently.
  • Database Systems: Most of the software projects require a database system this is why I have learned to mastery degree multiple DBMSs.
  • Web Based Applications: Due to the nature of web the development of web based systems enabled me to create systems that is accessible and usable by a wide range users and devices.
  • Mobile Applications: I have created few mobile applications using various programming languages and frameworks.
  • Data Mining: I have picked up data mining and analysis from my academic work and used in business world for analyzing clients data.
  • Programming Languages: programming in general was my passion and hobby before I choose software development as my job and still it is my primary drive to accept new challenges in my career.

Development Skills

Through the years I have picked up quite a few tools that helped me in my career. The tools rage from communication, management, design and version control. I have also enjoyed using multiple programming languages for various purposes and used the best fit language/paradigm for the task.

Official CV

I have had the opportunity to develop skills in both the academic and business sectors, which has led me to create two separate Curriculum Vitae. This CV showcases my experiences and abilities in the business field, including relevant career projects and skills.