Photo Gallery

Completed at July 01, 2022


  • Project Title: Photo Gallery
  • Organization: Free Lancer
  • My Role: Sole Developer
  • Tools: Flutter · 
  • Completed Date: July-2022

Project Description

The Image Manager is a stand-alone and portable application that allows users to manage images with their information. The application includes the following features:

Language Support

The application supports both Kurdish and English languages, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

The system manages images in a gallery-like interface with the following properties:

  • Adding Images with their Information: Users can add images with their information, including title, description, and tags.
  • Editing Image Information: Users can edit the information associated with an image, including its title, description, and tags.
  • Deleting Images: Users can delete images they no longer need.

Batch Image Upload

The application is able to upload a batch of images at once, making it more efficient for users to manage their images.

Images can be searched by their given information, including title, description, and tags. This feature makes it easier for users to find specific images among their collection.

Image Albums/Tags

Images can be collected into albums or tagged with keywords, making it easier for users to organize their images and find related images.

Image Slideshow

A selected set of images can be displayed as a slideshow, allowing users to view their images in a dynamic and engaging way.

Full Screen Presentation

The same slideshow images can be popped up to create a full-screen presentation in another window, which can be displayed on another screen for presentations or showcases.

Export to PDF

The application is able to export a selection of images as a PDF, allowing users to share their images with others in a professional and organized way.

Overall, the Image Manager application provides a powerful and efficient way for users to manage their images with ease and flexibility.


Polla Fattah