Business CV

Polla Fattah

Phone: +964 (0)750 446 3750

Most of my jobs in bushiness world was a part time/flexible time jobs. This is due to the nature of my primary job as lecturer at the university as I have a flexible time requirements their. I have been working in the industry for the last 15 years with different companies and various job description. Nonetheless, I have created a significant trac and participated in many successful projects. One strong characteristic that I have in the industry is my ability to bring new ideas from academia to the industry.


Compute Science - PhD

Thesis:Optimizing Rule-based Classification According to Items’ Behavior in Temporal Data

Computer Science (Informatik) - IT Administrator

Thesis:Optimizing Rule-based Classification According to Items’ Behavior in Temporal Data

Electrical Engineering Dept - MSc

Thesis:Optimizing Rule-based Classification According to Items’ Behavior in Temporal Data

Software Engineering Dept. - BSc

Thesis:Optimizing Rule-based Classification According to Items’ Behavior in Temporal Data

Kurdistan High School–Hawler - Diploma

Thesis:Optimizing Rule-based Classification According to Items’ Behavior in Temporal Data

Project Management: I have successfully managed multiple projects with various number of employees/developers. I tend to use Agile project management in general.
Software Design: Software design is one of the most interesting activities in software projects as it enables us to be creative and solve problems efficiently.
Database Systems: Most of the software projects require a database system this is why I have learned to mastery degree multiple DBMSs.
Web Based Applications: Due to the nature of web the development of web based systems enabled me to create systems that is accessible and usable by a wide range users and devices.
Mobile Applications: I have created few mobile applications using various programming languages and frameworks.
Data Mining: I have picked up data mining and analysis from my academic work and used in business world for analyzing clients data.
Programming Languages: programming in general was my passion and hobby before I choose software development as my job and still it is my primary drive to accept new challenges in my career.
Programming Languages:
C++, Java, Javascript, TypeScript, Python, R, Bash, Dart, Processing, SQL, LATEX, Markdown,
Web Elements:
Database Systems:
MySQL, Oracle, Google Firebase, SQLite, IndexedDB,
TensorFlow, Laravel, VueJS, Flutter, Sass, TailWind, jQuery, Jekyll,
Development Tools:
VS Code, GIT, WebPack, Eclipse, Anaconda, JupyterLab, Spyder, RStudio, Arduino, TeXstudio, MarkText, Chrome DevTools,
Design & Management:
GitLab, Todoist, Trello, Adobe XD, UML, Flowchart, Agile, ER Diagram,

Chief Software Engineer SmartGate - 2021-Now

  • Leading Software requirement collection and then design for large projects.
  • project manager for developing multiple smaller projects.
  • Developing tools to automate software deployment.
  • Software Consultant InfoRR - 2019-2021

  • Writing and reviewing software proposals.
  • Planning for the software development.
  • Minting software development quality.
  • Working with clients to make sure that the software meets their requirements.
  • Estimating the cost of new software development projects.
  • Interviewing and selecting the right software developers for the tasks.
  • Leading Developer SUE - 2014-2017

    It was on call online job for the university of Salahaddin University-Erbil, as they needed to update their website. I was in charge of the new website's design, development, deploy and maintenance. I have worked closely with the university's administration to get their requirements right. I had managed other junior developers of the university to work on the website.

    Linux Administrator 7NetLayers - 2010-2012

    I have just returned from the Germany's Linux course, I have took this job as a Linux Administrator at 7NetLayers Company. My main duty was to manage, install Linux servers as well as evaluating and minimizing some web servers and web sites that they had.

    IT Manager SefinTel - 2007-2008

    This job was a part time for a startup company, I had the privilege of creating my first team of software and IT engineers. I was responsible for managing the team and creating products. During the time I was their me with my team created two products, one was a website for a university and the other was a web-based system for tracking progress of government projects.

    Software Engineer AwroSoft - 2006-2007

    The main duty was creating websites and simple web based systems for various clients. While doing so I had to accomplish the following: - Requirement collection. - Analysis of requirements. - Designing and developing the websites and web based algorithms.

    Technician Wan - 2002-2003

    Maintaining computers, formatting and installing OSs on customers' computers, teaching customers how to use certain aspects of a software product, advising customers on how to use the software, and providing support.
    Mar - 2023:
    Recreate Notary System from scratch using Laravel, Vue.js, and PostgreSQL.
    Jul - 2022:
    Manage images with their information in a stand-alone and portable application.
    Jan - 2022:
    This webpage
    Aug - 2021:
    A small system to distribute software updates using command line
    Feb - 2021:
    Manage patient appointments, medical services profiles, and patient information with ease.
    Jul - 2020:
    Supervise the Quality of Services of the Notary system of the KRG
    Nov - 2019:
    Manage a development team Create an application for facilitating online deliveries.
    May - 2018:
    Supervise a project for university staff management system
    Sep - 2017:
    Create a framework to compare different methods of classification.
    Aug - 2016:
    Leading a team for creating an AI method for playing Dots-and-Boxes game.
    May - 2016:
    Leading a team of developers to create a simulation for fish in a tank using openGL.
    Feb - 2016:
    Create a media player for Android using Java.
    Sep - 2015:
    Manage a team of developers at Nottingham to Implement a game using Python.
    Oct - 2014:
    Design and implement Salahaddin University-Erbil website.
    Aug - 2014:
    Classifying users of public good simulation for researchers at the economic school using own developed algorithm.
    Dec - 2013:
    Measure changes in behavior of users of public good simulation for researchers of economic school at the University of Nottingham using customized algorithm
    Aug - 2012:
    Develop a game management web based system for 7NetLayers company.
    May - 2012:
    Develop a video management web based system for 7NetLayers company.
    Mar - 2012:
    Install and admin multiple Linux based servers for 7NetLayers company.
    Dec - 2011:
    Human Resource Management Database for Engineering College at Salahaddin University.
    Sep - 2011:
    Building a website for Salahaddin University-Erbil’s fourth conference.
    Jul - 2011:
    Design and manage an internal network infrastructure and website for Electrical Engineering Dept. at Salahaddin University-Erbil.
    Apr - 2010:
    Design and implement a web based patient record system for 'Iskan Clinic'.
    Feb - 2009:
    Design and implement a website for Kurdish Chemists Syndicate.
    Jun - 2008:
    Design and implement a website for SRS Consortium company.
    May - 2008:
    Design web based database system for 'Shaqlawa Hotel'.
    Apr - 2007:
    Design and implement a website for Ministry of Higher Education
    Jan - 2007:
    Design and implement a website for Ministry of Culture
    Sep - 2006:
    Create web-based selling centre application for Korek Telecom.
    Jul - 2005:
    Design and implement a news website for Babil e-magazine
    Oct - 2004:
    Create a web-based interface for linux commands using GWT.
    Sep - 2004:
    Design and implement a web based application for Software Engineering Dept. at Salahaddin University.
    Jul - 2004:
    Design and implement a chat application as final year project.
    Dec - 2003:
    Creating Personal Search Engine using Java.
    Jun - 2002:
    Creating Library Management System using C++.
    Mar - 2002:
    Creating Dots-and-Boxes Game using Visual Basic.