Diploma: Scientific Studies

On July 15, 2000

Kudistan High School for Boys

Is one of the best schools in the Erbil and Kurdistan. The main study is in Kurdish language. This school is famous of producing the highest number of graduates that attend STEM subject colleges specially Engineering and Medical. At my time Mr Aras was the principal of this school. I had the privilege to study at the hands of the best teachers in the Kurdistan. I have learned a lot of subjects in this school. Along side with other activities like playing football, chess and drawing.

Subjects that I have learned

While the main focus was in Scientific subjects, we have also learned other subjects like languages and social studies along side with other activities like playing like sport and art.

  • Scientific Subjects
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Boilogy
  • Languages
    • Kurdish
    • Arabic and Religious
    • English
  • Social Studies
    • Geography
    • History
  • Activities
    • Sport
    • Arts

Final Year Certificate

The diploma certificate can be found in this link. And yes I know I was ugly ;)


Polla Fattah