BSc: Software Engineering

On July 15, 2004

Salahaddin University-Erbil

Salahaddin University-Erbil is one of the public higher education institution in the North of Iraq and especially in Kurdistan region. It is located in Erbil (Hewler), capital of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Salahaddin University-Erbil was established in 1968. It was moved to Erbil in 1981 and changed its name to Salahaddin university. Initially, the university included seven Academic Colleges: Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Administration, Arts, Education, and Medicine. In 1985, a college of Law and Politics was added, followed by the college of Dentistry in 1995. Several more were established in the following years so that by 2004, the university offered courses in 22 departments. In 2005, the departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy split from Salahaddin University to establish Hawler Medical University.

Software Engineering Dept

Software Engineering Dept was the first department to estabilsh a computer related academic program in the region. Software Engineering Department started with only 20 students. I was so fortunate to be one among these students. This means I am among the oldest graduates of the department ;)

Subjects that I have Learned

The BSc degree at the Salahaddin University-Erbil is four years long. Within these four year I have learned the following subjects:

  • First Year
    • Electrical & Logic Design
    • Computer Architecture I.
    • Mathematics.
    • Procedural Programming.
    • Computer Applications.
    • Engineering Drawing.
    • Kurdology.
    • Electronic Engineering Lab.
  • Second Year
    • Object Oriented Programming.
    • Computer Architecture II.
    • Computer Networks.
    • Digital Electronics.
    • Data Structures.
    • Database Systems.
    • Numerical Analysis.
    • Elective.
    • Team Project.
  • Third Year
    • Data Communication Systems.
    • Engineering Analysis.
    • Compilers.
    • Software Engineering.
    • Internet Programming.
    • Computational Theory.
    • Elective.
    • Team Project (Web Design).
  • Fourth Year
    • Computer Controlled Systems.
    • Computer Networks.
    • Computer Graphics.
    • Artificial Intelligence.
    • Operating Systems.
    • Data Security.
    • Internet Programming.
    • Engineering Project.

Software Projects

During these four years I have worked on several interesting projects. Some of them are lost in time and my memory but these are what I could salvage from my old archive.

1- Chat Application

For my final year project, I have used Java programming language to create a MultiThreaded, network-based and client/server chat system. the chat was the first chat project which was in Kurdish language. For the interface I have used Swing package and for the server I have used Java Socket programming. The code of the chat system is available in Chat System

2- Sort Algorithm Visualizer

I have developed this application using Java programming language. It is a visualizer for sorting algorithms. It is available in Sort Algorithm Visualizer.

3- Personal Search Engine

This application was developed using Java programming language. It was ment to be a personal search engine that the data is saved in your computer. It is available in Personal Search Engine.

4- Domain Transformation

For the subject of Engineering Analysis I have created a number of algorithms guided by the mathematical concepts. The transformations was from Fast Fourier Transform, fast fast fourier transform and z-transform. The codes can be found here.

5- Dot-and-box Game

I have created this game using Visual Basic programming language. It might be the only stand alone application that I have used VB with it. It is available in Dot-and-box the Game.

6- Library Management System

This is a command line application for managing a library. you might ask why using command line for such system. The answer is that when I created this application I did not know about GUI yet ;) It is available in Library Management System.


I have graduated ranking 2nd on the college of engineering for 2004 graduates. The transcript of my BSc is available here.


My Final year project was under the supervision of Mr Karim Zibari. One of the most briliant minds and dedicated teachers in the region.


Polla Fattah