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General Information

  • University: Tishk International University
  • Department: Computer Science Dept.
  • My Status: Visiting Lecturer
  • Level: BSc
  • Year: 2018-2019

Course Description

This subject introduces students to Unix and Linux OSs. Students will learn the core utilities to work productively in a Linux environment. Students will do this work using the shell, at the same time learn to configure their login accounts, manipulate data stored in files, effectively use Linux commands and utilities, and write simple shell scripts.

Course Objectives

Effectively use a variety of tools for Linux application development. To give practical experience in using Linux system calls and library routines. Maintaining administrative tasks using bash scripts.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the course, getting ready for using linux, installation issues. Introduction to Open Source and Operating Systems, the History of UNIX and GNU–Linux
  • Software installation, update and upgrade, Office productivity and Linux applications, installation of Libre Office, Okular (pdf), Gimp.
  • User and Permission Management, users groups, File and directory access permissions, managing files and directories using (mkdir, cp, mv, less, cat, ls, rm)
  • Programs and Processes, Execution of programs, Client and Server software, Properties of processes, process management
  • Shell scripting, variables loops
  • Useful administration tools
  • Secure Remote Administration Tools: ssh and scp
  • Web development tools, installation and simple administration of Apache Tomcat and MySQL
  • Partitions, LVM and RAID
  • Backup Strategies
  • Linux system recovery
  • Basic Networking, monitoring networks
  • Routing

Polla Fattah