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General Information

  • University: Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Department: Software Engineering Dept.
  • My Status: Assistant Lecturer
  • Level: BSc
  • Year: 2009-2012

Course Description

This course is to teach students the concepts of relational database management systems. Concepts covered are tables, relations, joins, and queries. As wel as teaching basic database design principals like Creating ER-diagram and normalization.

Course Objectives

The students should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. gathering requirements
  2. Analyze the requirements
  3. Normalize the database
  4. Design the database using ER-Diagram
  5. Creating the database using SQL
  6. Inserting/updating information into the database
  7. retrieving information from the database

Course Content

  • Introduction to databases
  • Entity/Relationship modelling
  • The relational model
  • Relational algebra
  • Relational calculus
  • Schema refinement: Functional dependencies
  • Schema refinement: Normalization
  • Transaction management overview
  • Basic SQL, Integrity constraints

Polla Fattah