Visiting Lecturer

At University of Kurdistan Hewlêr


  • Job Title: Visiting Lecturer
  • Organization: University of Kurdistan Hewlêr
  • Start Date: 2018
  • End Date: 2020

Job Duties

My Main duty was teaching, the subjects that I taught was:

  • Human Computer Interaction for BSc Students.
  • Distributed systems for BSc Students.
  • [Computer Vision] for MSc Students.

This opportunity provided me with new connections as we have conducted multiple researches together and published quite few of papers.

Acquired Experiences

More than experience this kind of visiting lecturer job expands my connections and networks of specialists in the field of computer science and software engineering.

Why I Left

I have started working at InfoRR Company which was a bit demanding job. So I just did not renew my contract as visiting lecturer.

Polla Fattah