IT: Linux Server Administration

On November 15, 2010

Technical University of Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin (official name both in English and German: Technische Universität Berlin, also known as TU Berlin and Berlin Institute of Technology) is a public research university located in Berlin, Germany. It was the first German university to adopt the name “Technische Universität” (Technical University)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The TU Berlin’s Faculty IV, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, was established in 2001 through the merger of two departments. The move came about due to the rich combination of synergies between electrical engineering and computer science in the realms of instruction and research. The fields of electrical engineering and computer science are characterized by a particularly high degree of interdisciplinarity. For example, in the key social sectors such as health, energy, mobility, communication, and security, there is virtually no technology that doesn’t rely on their findings or comprise their products. This accords electrical engineering and computer science a central role in all areas of modern life, which the faculty incorporates in an immensely diverse range of research and teaching.

DAAD Program

I have awarded a fully funded DAAD program in 2010. DAAD is a private, federally funded and state-funded, self-governing national agency of the institutions of higher education in Germany, representing 365 German higher education institutions (100 universities and technical universities, 162 general universities of applied sciences, and 52 colleges of music and art).

The DAAD itself does not offer programs of study or courses, but awards competitive, merit-based grants for use toward study and/or research in Germany at any of the accredited German institutions of higher education. It also awards grants to German students, doctoral students, and scholars for studies and research abroad. With an annual budget of 522 million Euros and supporting approximately 140.000 individuals world-wide, the DAAD is in fact the largest such academic grant organization worldwide The organization was founded on 1 January 1925 but closed down in 1945, only to be re-founded again in 1950.

Subjects that I have learned

The material that I have learned from this training program are compiled in this pdf file . The following list contains the subjects that I have learned:

  • A brief history of Unix and Linux
  • User and Permission Management
  • Programs and Processes
  • The Linux Boot Process
  • The Linux Init Process
  • The Linux Desktop
  • Shell scripting
  • C programming
  • Basic Networking
  • Routing
  • Administration tools
  • Secure Remote Administration Tools: ssh and scp
  • Partitions, LVM and RAID
  • LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL PHP
  • Apache Web Server
  • MyPHPAdmin: Building a web-based administration interface
  • Subversion and Trac
  • Backup Strategies
  • Linux system recovery
  • Email Server
  • Samba
  • Primary Domain Controller
  • Proxy Server


The participation certificate is found here .


Polla Fattah