Operating Systems

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General Information

  • University: Koya University
  • Department: Computer Engineering Dept.
  • My Status: Assistant Lecturer
  • Level: BSc
  • Year: 2019

Course Description

This course teaches Operating Systems using Minix as an example. Students will learn the important concepts of Operating Systems and their functionalities.

Course Objectives

The objective is to create an understanding for the students about the mechanisms of Operating Systems. This will help them to design better solutions for the problems that they have to solve using software engineering principles.

Course Content

  • Computer System Overview
  • Process Description and Control
  • Threads, SMP, and Micro-kernels
  • Concurrency: Mutual Exclusion and Synchronization
  • Concurrency: Deadlock and Starvation
  • Memory Management
  • Virtual Memory
  • Uni-processor Scheduling
  • Multiprocessor and Real-Time Scheduling
  • I/O Management and Disk Scheduling
  • File Management

Polla Fattah