About Me

About Me

In my career, I primarily see myself as a problem solver, which is reflected in both my professional and academic pursuits. More details about my career can be found on other parts of this website.
However, this page is dedicated to highlighting my personal traits and interests outside of my professional life. Despite my love for solving problems, there is much more to me than just my career and I hope to showcase that here.

Polla Fattah

Given the nature of my work and my lifestyle, I can be considered a bit of a geek. This characteristic also extends to my hobbies. In my free time, I enjoy playing chess, reading books, and watching movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos. These activities are a great source of relaxation and allow me to engage with my interests on a deeper level.


Playing Chess

Chess is my favorite type of board games

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Popcorn Time

Watching Movies, Series and Anime with My family.

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Interesting Videos

I love to watch and share quality science and thought provoking videos

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Reading Books

Whenever have time, I love to read a well written book.

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My Habits

I have a few notable habits that make me who I am. Firstly, my love for tea is well-known among those who know me. My relationship with tea could be described as addictive, but it serves as a positive trade-off for me. When I spend long hours working on the computer, drinking tea helps me stay alert and hydrated.

Another habit that I have is my preference for walking while thinking. This is a habit that I find particularly helpful for clearing my mind and making decisions. Even during meetings, I often find an excuse to take a brief walk to contemplate before making a decision.

These habits, especially my love for tea and walking, are an integral part of my daily routine and have become a defining aspect of who I am.

My Life's Timeline

Anybody who know me a little bit, they know that I really enjoy drinking tea. My habit with tea can be described as addictive, But I think it is a very good trade from me while I am working on computer for prolonged time it keeps me a bit alerted and hydrated. Another habit that I have, I really love walking while I am thinking, even when people are seated in meetings I tend to find an excuse to have a small stroll before making my mind.

  • Kurdistan University Nov 2023
    In this year I have returned to Kurdistan University-Hawler as a part time lecturer with the main goal of establishing an AI and innovation center AIIC.
  • SmartGate Nov 2021
    I transferred to SmartGate as the Software Development Team Manager. My team has successfully delivered multiple products to date.
  • InfoRR Nov 2019
    I worked for the InfoRR company as a consultant for software engineering and IT-related issues. The company grew and a subsidiary was established, focusing on IT-related contracts and called SmartGate.
  • Visiting Lecturer Sep 2018
    This year I had the privilege to become visiting lecturer for two universities namely Kurdistan University and Tishk University
  • Lecturer Feb 2018
    After completing my PhD, I returned to Iraq/Kurdistan with my family and began working as a lecturer in the Department of Software Engineering.
  • PhD Graduate Oct 2017
    This time my defense was more pleasing and easier than MSc! The committee was really happy with the results.
  • Accepted in PhD Oct 2012
    I had been accepted to pursue my PhD at Nottingham University's School of Computer Science, under the Twanasazi scholarship from the KRG. My supervisor was Dr Uwe, and I worked on Time Series Classification.
  • Entersol Co-founder Aug 2010
    I was the primary founder of the company that successfully developed multiple applications and provided services. However, I decided to close the company in order to complete my PhD.
  • IT Training Mar 2010
    I received a DAAD grant to travel to Germany for IT infrastructure training. I studied at Berlin University's School of Computer Science.
  • Assistant Lecturer Sep 2009
    After graduation, I resumed my job at Salahaddin University as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering. My responsibilities included teaching programming subjects.
  • MSc Graduate Jul 2009
    I have had completed my MSc with some disappointment, as I encountered a challenging thesis defense. Unfortunately, one of the committee members seemed to be working against me, which made the experience even more difficult
  • AwroSoft Co-founder Mar 2008
    Me and some other friends has established a company for software engineering services, we had multiple products, however I have withdraw from it so I can finish my masters degree.
  • Accepted in MSc Oct 2007
    I have been accepted into the Master of Science program in the Department of Electrical Engineering, within the discipline of Electrical and Information Technology Studies.
  • Employed as Engineer Feb 2005
    I get the employment opportunity at my university due to my outstanding degree and rank
  • Graduation Jul 2004
    I graduated with a degree of 76.3, which was considered a highly impressive achievement at the time. My performance was second-best among all engineering students in the university.
  • Software Engineering Oct 2000
    It was a dream come true. I really loved the discipline, as I was accepted into the Department of Software Engineering at Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Secondary School Jul 1996
    Kurdistan Secondary School was a dream come true, offering the best education in the region. I learned a lot of subjects deeply, including coding, which was only taught there.
  • Intermediate School Jul 1992
    Intermediate school (Qandil)was difficult for me due to the civil war and a change in study system from Arabic to Kurdish. It was also a challenging time because I was going through my teenage years.
  • 1st Day in School Jul 1986
    I attended 17 Tamooz Primary School in Erbil, which was one of the best schools in the city. I will always be grateful to my great teachers, especially Mrs. Narmin, who taught me to love reading books.
  • My Birth Day Sep 1981
    I was born in the city of Erbil, Iraq. My father, Abdulhamid Fattah, is a biologist and my mother, Samira Bilal, is a teacher. I am the first child in the family and we have grown to a family of six members with two brothers, and a sister.